[GIVEAWAY] Baby Shower Invitations for Girls Made Pretty With Paperless Post


This giveaway is in partnership with Nakturnal. Continue reading to find out how you can enter for the chance to win $90 dollars worth of Paperless Post credits. I don’t know about you, but every time I scroll through my newsfeed it seems as if another one of my friends is getting engaged or announcing they’re… 

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My Little Girl is Growing Up and I’m Not Ready


When you become a parent, everyone gives you the same advice: Enjoy every moment. “Of course I’m going to enjoy every moment,” you think. “How can I resist this cute, cuddly, perfect little bundle of joy?” But when you’re running on less than two hours of consecutive sleep during the third feeding of the night,… 

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The List: A Little Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up


Is it just me, or was last week particularly rough? Everyday felt like Monday. Oy! So, in hopes of starting this week off on a cheery note, I’m sharing a couple of posts that had me rolling on the floor laughing this weekend. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Happy Monday! 5 Things Our… 

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