Q & A With the Creators of Snuggin + Giveaway


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Evan and MacKenzie, the husband and wife couple behind Snuggin. After hearing their story and the motivation behind this adorable new baby toy, I quickly understood why it was getting such rave reviews.

So, I invited them for an interview and they graciously offered to let me give one away! Read on to learn more about how the idea of Snuggin was born and what common parenting problems it solves. And, don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a Snuggin of your own!

Q: Tell me a little bit about your journey through parenthood. How many children do you have, what are their ages, and what would you say are some of your biggest ah-hah! parenting moments so far?

A: Kate, the inspiration for Snuggin, is our first and only child so far. She is 17 months old, but growing up entirely too fast—as we’re sure every other parent can relate! Though, we’re very excited to be welcoming our son, Jackson, to the world this May! 

Q: How was the idea of Snuggin born? What motivated you to create this adorable accessory?

A: Evan’s career has been in technology, so he’s constantly looking for ways to innovate and do things better. So when Kate was born, he quickly recognized a few pain points for us as new parents:

  • Kate loved to throw things (and still does), especially when we went to the restaurant. Kate loved to throw her toys from the high perch of her high chair! As quick as we could chase after her toys, she’d throw them again—something Evan really wanted to find a solution for.
  • We hoped to raise Kate without the need for a pacifier, but we quickly learned she had a very strong desire to have something in her mouth. When she would go down to sleep she’d inevitably drop her pacifier and wake up crying when she couldn’t find it.
  • We hate to be late, and as anybody with children knows this isn’t always in your control when you have to get somewhere with a child in tow! One of the most frustrating things for us was when we’d be trying to get out the door but couldn’t find her a pacifier or small toy and it would delay us.
  • We knew Kate would eventually have to say goodbye to her pacifier! This isn’t an easy transition for little ones or their parents, and we wanted to find a way to ease that transition.


Q: At first glance, Snuggin seems like a fairly simple toy, until you realize just how many common parenting dilemmas it solves. What would you say are some of the biggest benefits Snuggin provides parents and their little ones?

A: When you read through each of the problems we faced above, you’ll see that Snuggin was deliberately designed to solve these problems!

  • It’s more than just a pacifier holder! When we were looking at other products on the market, they couldn’t do more than attach one pacifier to a stuffed animal. We set out to design a plush toy that could do much more than that, and we believe we hit that mark with Snuggin!
  • It puts an end to the game of throw and chase! Probably our favorite feature of Snuggin is being able to attach Snuggin to things like a high chair, so when Kate inevitably decides to throw her pacifier we don’t have to go chasing after it. 
  • It improves sleep for baby and parents! We have a Snuggin we use purely for sleeptime that has four pacifiers attached to it. This way, when Kate drops her pacifier she can easily find one. This means she doesn’t wake up as often crying and we get to sleep in more! This has become less critical as she has gotten older, but when she was younger this was a lifesaver for us.
  • It makes getting out the door easier than ever. The internal storage Snuggin offers is great to be able to store small toys, pacifiers, or even a diaper and some snacks. 
  • It makes saying goodbye to your favorite binky easier! When the day finally comes for your little one to say goodbye to their favorite pacifier, Snuggin makes it easier because they can still keep their best friend Snuggin by their side (sans pacifier). This two-step transition makes it easier for infants and parents alike.


Q: If I had a dollar for every time my daughter woke up crying because she couldn’t find a pacifier during her nap, I’d be rich! Not to mention the countless number of times we had to replace lost binkies. Talk about cost savings! It’s pretty safe to say my daughter was well attached to her pacifier, or “nomi” as she called it. Does your daughter have any cute names for her paci?

A: At 17 months, Kate is still developing her vocabulary but she typically refers to her paci as “cici.” Of course, the most common thing we hear her say when talking about her pacifier is “uhoh”…as in, **throw pacifier on floor intentionally** followed by “uhoh.” Thank goodness for Snuggin!

Q: My daughter had a relatively hard time giving up her pacifier. Ultimately, we convinced her to “donate” them to the baby room at her daycare. She gave them to her former teacher, who then discarded them in the trash for us. What advice would you give to parents who are trying to wean their little one from their paci? I know Snuggin can help with this, too.

A: By coupling your little one’s pacifier with their Snuggin, you can ease the transition away from using a pacifier. For some, it may be easier to go cold turkey, but for many little ones we’ve found allowing them to keep their best friend Snuggin around with the pacifiers removed really helps them cope with the transition! You can even make up a fun story about why their friend “Snuggin” (or another name) had to get rid of the pacifiers and encourage them to help Snuggin get by without them so they don’t think of it as a personal struggle but instead something they’re helping their little friend with!


Q: How safe is Snuggin? Can parents rest at ease putting this toy in their child’s crib?

A: Safety was absolutely critical for us. As parents, we know nothing is more important than the safety of our children and we took that into consideration during every step of way when designing Snuggin.

We have made considerable time and investment putting Snuggin through ASTM F963 safety testing to ensure it has been certified by an independent laboratory as being safe for young children and babies.

When it came time to pick the materials of Snuggin, we went through a number of different iterations of every material of Snuggin. The plush polyester material is made of entirely new materials to ensure there are no unhealthy chemicals or anything else that would put the safety and health of Kate, or any other baby, in jeopardy. Additionally, the velcro was exceptionally important to get right. We went out and found the perfect Velcro for Snuggin—it is strong enough to not let go of the objects Snuggin holds, but is also soft enough so as not to scratch the delicate skin of a newborn.

Q: What can parents expect to see from Snuggin in the next year? Are there any exciting developments in the works you can tell us about? 

A: We’re funding Snuggin entirely out of our own savings, so we’re working very hard to ensure any product developments are the ones our customers want the most! We currently have a gray elephant Snuggin in production and hope to have a pink one later this year. Beyond that, we’re going to be looking at a smaller model of Snuggin in addition to different animal selections. Giraffes and monkeys have been among the most popular requests, but let us know if you’d like to see something else by sending us a note at wecare@snuggin.com!

Q: Where can parents pick up a Snuggin of their very own?

A: Currently Snuggin is for sale exclusively through Amazon.com, but we’re hoping to change that in the near future as we begin to sell Snuggin in retail stores and through our own e-commerce shop. Stay tuned and in touch at Snuggin.com for all of our exciting product developments!

This will definitely be going on my list of baby shower gift ideas! I wish they had Snuggin around when my daughter was a baby! Lucky for you, my daughter is past the days of pacifiers, so I’m giving you a chance to snag a Snuggin of your own. Enter for the chance to win one by completing the tasks below.

Snuggin Giveaway


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    My kids never took to pacifiers, but if they had, I absolutely would have wanted one of these! They’re absolutely adorable!

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