The List: Encouragement For The Working Mom


Ah, Monday! The most beloved day of the week. This morning, groggy parents everywhere are settling back into the work-week routine after enjoying time at home with their families for the holidays.

For some, this week is a welcomed break from the unstructured chaos that comes along with having everyone home over winter break, while others wish they could hold on to the joy of spending more time with their kids just a little bit longer.

As a working mom, I know I soak up all the time I can get with my daughter during the holidays. It’s a time for us to unwind, relax and have fun without the pressure of competing demands—something that I find myself longing for every other day of the year.

So, to all my fellow working moms who are having a hard time returning to the office this morning, this week’s edition of The List is for you.

That whole mom guilt thing you struggle with from time-to-time, it’s not just in your head. Turns out its a very normal way to feel, and common too. There are hundreds of thousands of other moms who are struggling to strike the perfect work-life balance, and internalizing feelings of guilt in the process.

I wish I had the answer that unlocked the key to achieving perfect harmony between work and home, but I don’t. Everyone’s schedules are different, and only you know what’s best for your family. I did, however, find some resources that may give you some ideas you can try implementing with your own family.

Below are articles and resources from other moms who share their experience with mom guilt and what they’re doing to strike a better work-life balance while pursing their career dreams.

Overcoming Working Mom Struggles (Meg O. On The Go)

I recently stumbled upon Meg’s blog and was instantly converted into a fan. This mama is a rockstar! I’m amazed by everything she does and constantly wonder how she finds time to do it all. Oddly enough, she posted this piece about her own struggle with working mom guilt and what keeps her going when things get tough.

Make Moves Without Mom Guilt (Mommy, Wife & Life)

I loved this line from Teri’s post:

You have every capability to be a strong, very present mother without having to forfeit your dreams.

All too often, we put our dreams and desires on the back burner to tend to our family’s every need. That’s all good and fine, until it leaves us feeling drained and unsure about who we are outside of our motherly duties.

Enter the word balance. Such a simple concept, yet unbelievably hard to actually put into practice. That’s where Teri’s post can help. Head over to her blog to learn how you can begin taking baby steps toward your goals, without the worry and guilt of being “selfish” creeping in.

Can Mother’s Really Have It All? (Leap of Faye)

Mom guilt is a funny thing. Sometimes it leads us to new epiphanies and causes us to reassess what’s most important in life, while other times it causes us to second-guess our every move and makes us feel like horrible human beings.

This past-year was a big year of self-discovery for me. I asked myself some tough questions and discovered what I needed to feel more fulfilled both at home and at work.

In the above listed article, it sounds like Faye asked herself some pretty tough questions too—including one that I found myself wondering as well:

Maybe when they are ages 15 and 13, I will be so grateful that I powered through this stage to have it all… my wonderfully raised children and my flourishing career. And maybe I won’t. Maybe I will regret the time I missed with my children.

Can moms really have it all? If you’ve found yourself wondering the same thing, I encourage you to read the full version of Faye’s post on her blog.

Tips for Balancing Career and Parenting (She Is Fierce)

She is Fierce is my jam! I always look forward to receiving their daily email digest. It’s always full of great tips and advice from fabulously fierce women on a journey to find success, love, peace, joy, happiness and balance. What I love about this post in particular is that it contains practical advice that you can start applying today! My favorite piece of advice: Stop trying to please everyone. Head over there now to see what else made the list!

4 Secrets to Making Time to De-Stress Before You Combust (Savvy Every Day)

Savvy Every Day is another lifestyle blog with great tips for parents. In this post, Shari shares four more great tips that can help you cut unnecessary stress out of your life so you can begin focusing on what’s most important and use your time like a boss!

BONUS RESOURCE: Working Moms Against Guilt

Score! If you’re looking for a group of moms who “get it,” look no further. Working Moms Against Guilt is a network of contributors comprised of, you guessed it, working moms! Here’s a snippet from their About section that got me all fired up:

We’re moms. We work all day, bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan. Oh, and while we’re at it, we’re raising young children, along with our spouses/partners. As any working mom knows, we often battle the big “G.” Guilt…

What about you, do you struggle with mom guilt? What are some ways you cope with the stress that’s unique to being a working mom?


  1. says

    This is a great list!! I need the constant reminder that working is where I’m at my best for me and for my kids! It’s great to see other powerful women.

  2. onehooliemama says

    What a phenomenal list. I’ve saved & shared this for my future reference. Thank you for pulling these together and sharing them today. (And I was one of those moms looking forward to getting back into our routines!) :)

  3. says

    What a great list, I think too many moms are forced to choose between family and work, yet no one asks that of men. Women are expected to be super mom, ceo and everything else. Better to accept that you can’t be on-point everywhere all the time. Be present, do your best, and love on your family. They won’t remember the failures if you just try your best

  4. says

    Thank you so much for featuring my blog post! The working mom struggle is REAL. It’s so many different challenges. But we are strong mamas. We’ve got this!

  5. Whitney says

    These are excellent resources! I follow some of them already. Mom guilt is too real but Im sure without it, I would be guilty of NOT feeling it, right?! ;)

  6. says

    I guess since my kids are in school, I don’t feel quite as guilty about returning to work now… And, thankfully, I work in a school, so I have started really looking forward to getting back to see my other kiddos that I feel as though I have almost adopted as my own. We don’t start back until Wednesday though, so I still have another day or two at home with my kids. :)

  7. says

    I’m not a mom but I know what you mean … I just had like a week and a half off of work, but have to return today! #Mondays

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