Diving Into Lessons at Goldfish Swim School: Why I Decided It Was Time Sign My Daughter Up


This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School. Our family received complimentary swim classes in exchange for providing an authentic review of our experience. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 

I won’t lie, when Goldfish Swim School initially reached out to me about setting up lessons for my daughter I was a little apprehensive about the whole idea. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited about the opportunity but I wasn’t sure if Payten would be.

Unlike me, she’s never been a water baby. We tried the whole swim class thing once before (at a different place) and it was okay, except Payten wasn’t really a fan. It was a mommy-and-me class, and she was two. Every time we went it was like forcing a cat in the water. In fact, it wasn’t until this past year that she started enjoying bath time. So, you can probably understand my apprehension to sign her up for swim lessons again—especially a class that involved me watching from the sidelines, instead of swimming alongside her.

Initially when I brought up the idea, she said no. I knew she needed some time to think about it. When she was ready, she would tell me. The kind folks at Goldfish Swim School were understanding and graciously kept the offer open for whenever we were ready. Occasionally I’d bring it up for conversation, and to my surprise (after a couple weeks of coaxing) she was ready to give it a try! I think it helped showing her all the kids having fun on the Goldfish Swim School Facebook Page and Instagram profile.

She was excited, and I was excited for her. Most of my memories from when I was a kid involved swimming. At a young age, my mom and dad signed me up for lessons at the local community pool and that’s pretty much where I spent all my time in the summer. From open swim, to swim lessons and even swim team meets, I LOVED the water. And, when you live in the “Great Lakes State,” swimming is a pretty important skill to have.

Part of what drew me to Goldfish Swim School was their focus on water safety and passion for working with kids. You feel it the moment you walk in. I’m not sure how exactly to describe it, but their facility is warm, inviting and cheerful. From the friendly staff and playful decor to the incredible instructors, we were left with a great first impression.


Their walls are filled with colorful murals of ocean creatures, the changing rooms look like tiki huts and their swimming pool area is a warm and toasty 90 degrees! Goldfish Swim School really did think of everything when they were designing their facility. Upon walking in for our first class, I was glad to see that there were blow dryers to use, plenty of dressing rooms and a machine to dry your swimsuit after class. And, I mean come on, how cool is that surfboard?!

I expected Payten to be a little nervous her first class, but boy was I wrong. She hopped right in without a fuss, and watching from the side of the pool it was clear to see that she was having a lot of fun. She’s one of four kids in the class, and she has the same instructor every week. I love that Goldfish Swim School keeps their classes small. Payten gets a lot of individual attention and her instructor does a great job adjusting her teaching style for each kid in the class.

Each week, her teacher gives me a full report on what they’re working on in class and how Payten is doing. We’re a little over one month into classes now and I can already notice a HUGE difference in my daughter’s confidence and abilities. When we started taking lessons, she wouldn’t even put her face in the water and today she went all the way under for the first time! That, and she’s started asking her teacher to let go so she can try swimming on her own.


If you’re thinking about signing your child up for swim lessons, I would highly recommend Goldfish Swim School. I am beyond impressed with our experience and Payten absolutely loves coming to class each week. I can’t count how many times a week she asks me, “how many more days until swim class?” Don’t just take my word for it, read what these parents have to say. With a multitude of classes for children from ages 4 months to 12 years, and swimmers of all abilities, there’s a place for everyone at Goldfish Swim School.

Have you signed your child up for swim classes before? I’d love to hear about your experience. What’s your child’s favorite part of class? Let me know in the comments below.

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